Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our DeX HOKKFi is the easiest way to buy $HOKK on ETH, BSC & HECO ! 👇
Recommended slippage: 3-5%


Tax: Buy / Transfer 2% – Sell 6%


The bridge allows you to transfer (Bridge) your HOKK tokens between any of the 3 chains ETH + BSC + HECO. Fees to use the Bridge are as follows: Origination chain gas + Destination chain gas + $30 bridge fee (NB: Fees are paid in the native token of the origination chain). The bridge is a permissionless public cross-chain bridge and ecosystem that any developer can integrate into their project with a few lines of code and no registration required. Rather than downloading the full blockchain, validators will use external full node providers to communicate with the chains in question, keeping the validators lightweight and fast to set up.
HOKK Premium is a DeFi aggregator enabling you to stake your crypto assets (we are beginning with ETH and ERC20 USDC) to earn yield in those respective assets.

Using HOKK Premium, you can place capital (ETH) into a smart contract, choose preset lockup periods (3/6/9/12 months) and be issued with estimations of their monthly yield. The smart contract will send the crypto to aggregator contracts like AAVE, where it will be lent out for continuous yield. This yield will then be periodically claimed.

You are able to use $ETH, $USDC and HOKK NFTs with HOKK Premium and track your contributions in the HOKK Premium portal HOKK Premium gives you the options to view your initial ETH contribution, the current APY, your percentage of the total pool, and current yield.

You are not able to withdraw prior to the end of your lock up period, however, you are able to claim your yield prior to when the lock up period ends (you just can’t withdraw until that lockup period ends). The yield is based on the asset you deposited, so ETH = ETH Yield and USDC = USDC Yield

The current Fee structure for HOKK Premium is 0.25% on Deposits & Withdrawals
A: The contract continues to generate yield for your deposit even after the unlock day.
You are able to mint your HOKK NFTs through the official HOKK NFT portal at There are 4,444 HOKK NFTs available to mint at an initial mint cost of 0.04 ETH + Gas. You are able to mint a maximum of 10 NFTs in one transaction, however, there is no limit to the number of NFTs that you can hold in your wallet.
A: The NFT’s are unique in that they do not require to be staked themselves. Instead, we created a HOKK NFT dedicated yield pool of USDC (majority) and ETH and it’s those assets that are staked and earning yield. We simply build a mechanism where those eligible to claim that yield are the NFT holders.

$TREATS will represent an integral role in HOKK Finance’s ecosystem, governance, and overall utility. $TREATS will enable frictionless and affordable transfers of tokens between users on HOKKFi, without any tax. This tax less system is important for the payments systems that we look to build with $TREATS and is a critical difference with $HOKK. While $TREATS will initially go through an inflationary phase as users begin to stake their tokens, $TREATS will eventually have a fixed maximum supply in circulation (100m), boosting its long-term price. As it is a farmable token, it will vary, how long it will take until it is all minted / farmed.

There are only two ways to get $TREATS, one is by staking $HOKK or $TREATS on the Treats staking platform and the other is buying it through a DEX like
A: $HOKK Token and $TREATS token will both have utility built around them as they are both upgradable. However, there will be different focus with $TREATS in that it will be tax free, with the purpose of building a payment system around it. HOKK and TREATS will both have utility (DAO & Governance, Lottery, DEFI, NFT integration, etc) as they are both upgradable so both will have their place in different parts of the ecosystem, different use cases.

The Treats staking platform will allow you to stake your $HOKK to receive ETH (and $Treats until all have been farmed).

Initially HOKK (ETH) Single Farming will receive $TREATS and will also receive ETH rewards from trading volume of HOKK. A % of the ETH HOKK tax goes to single staking as a proportion of the total staking balance you hold (so it is based on the trading volume of HOKK). This only goes to Single Staking and not LP providers

APY will vary based on pool participants and quantity of LP or single asset provided