Hokk Finance

How does HOKK Premium work?

Using HOKK Premium, you can place capital (ETH) into a smart contract, choose preset lockup periods (3/6/9/12 months) and be issued with estimations of their monthly yield. The smart contract will send the crypto to aggregator contracts like YFI, where it will be lent out for continuous yield. This yield will then be periodically claimed.

You are able to use $ETH, $USDC and HOKK NFTs with HOKK Premium and track your contributions in the HOKK Premium portal premium.hokkfi.com HOKK Premium gives you the options to view your initial ETH contribution, the current APY, your percentage of the total pool, and current yield.

You are not able to withdraw prior to the end of your lock up period, however, you are able to claim your yield prior to when the lock up period ends (you just can’t withdrawal until that lockup period ends). The yield is based on the asset you deposited, so ETH = ETH Yield and USDC = USDC Yield

The current Fee structure for HOKK Premium is 0.25% on Deposits & Withdrawals