Hokk Finance

What is HOKK Finance?

HOKK Finance began its journey during the meme-token boom in early 2021 (April). Inspired to join the revolution, a simple Japanese inspired meme-token called Hokkaidu Inu was born. With exciting fundamentals based around rewarding every investor, the team soon realised that they were onto something when the token saw an $800M market cap, with an all-time high trading volume of $98M in a single day.

On the 7th November 2021, the token was relaunched across three chains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Heco), with our own bridge 

Today, we’re focused on building and delivering state-of-the-art crypto products that can do incredible things for people and their families. We’ve expanded our ambitious road map, created marketing initiatives that build strong relationships, and started to execute a long-term strategy focusing on offering the best decentralized crypto products and services across several blockchains. Our goal is to empower people globally, and challenge the status quo, through the utility of our meme-token.

HOKK is a community driven Token.  The team that support the project consists of the Global Team and Management, Advisors, Developers and Volunteers.  You can check out some of the team on our website here.