Hokk Finance

What is the link between HOKK Premium and the $HOKK token?

Currently $HOKK is not able to be staked on HOKK Premium as it is based on Yield protocols like AAVE, Compound, YFI, etc so the assets eligible for deposits are based on their assets allowed. Also, good to keep in mind the business that these protocols are in, which is Lending & Borrowing so stability is key (volatility is not ideal for lending), hence stable coins tend to give highest yields. With the volatility that HOKK experiences now, this naturally makes it difficult for these Yield providers to support HOKK.

At first the two assets represent different use cases and will not share a link. However, the royalties of HOKK NFT’s or the tax revenues of HOKK Token can be used to fund related activities, for example buy back and burn from portions of the NFT volume, or Yield Pool addition/growth coming from the HOKK token tax. The relationship between different parts of the HOKK ecosystem will become apparent as utility in continually implemented.