Hokk Finance

What is the $TREATS staking platform?

The Treats staking platform will allow you to stake / farm the following:

  • HOKK (ETH) Single Farming
  • Treats (ETH) Single Farming

LP Providers earn x2 (minimum) than Single Staking based on certain locked value targets, 500K value of HOKK or 1M of HOKK-ETH LP. Upon reaching these targets, we will re-evaluate the pools for favorable outcomes to those entering into the HOKK ecosystem by way of $TREATS

HOKK (ETH) Single Farming will receive $TREATS and will also give ETH rewards from trading volume of HOKK. 2% of the ETH HOKK tax goes to single staking as a proportion of the total staking balance you hold (so it is based on the trading volume of HOKK). This only goes to Single Staking and not LP providers

APY will vary based on pool participants and quantity of LP or single asset provided

For both LP Providers and Single Farming, $TREATS rewards will be locked, with the lock percentage being 80%. You’re able to claim the remaining % after the remaining lockup period ends (6 month from your initial staking date)

URL: https://www.hokkfi.com/#/Dogpool