Hokk Finance

What is the $TREATS utility token?

$TREATS will represent an integral role in HOKK Finance’s ecosystem, governance, and overall utility.

$TREATS will enable frictionless and affordable transfers of tokens between users on HOKKFi, without any tax. This tax less system is important for the payments systems that we look to build with $TREATS and is a critical difference with $HOKK. While $TREATS will initially go through an inflationary phase as users begin to stake their tokens, $TREATS will eventually have a fixed maximum supply in circulation (100m), boosting its long-term price. As it is a farmable token, it will vary, how long it will take until it is all minted / farmed.

There are only two ways to get $TREATS, one is by staking $HOKK or $TREATS on the Treats staking platform and the other is buying it through a DEX like hokkfi.com