Hokk Finance

HOKK Premium

HOKK Premium is an aggregator that enables users to place capital (ETH) into a smart contract. Users will be empowered to choose preset lockup periods and be issued with estimations of their monthly yield. The smart contract will send the crypto to aggregator contracts like YFI, where it will be lent out for continuous yield. This yield will then be periodically claimed by the contract and converted into a stable token to preserve its value. Each user will be able to view their initial crypto, its current APY, their percentage of the total pool, and their current yield. To incentivize early participation, each deposit will claim a minimal fee from the capital which will then be deposited into the yield pool, instantly adding to the yield of earlier crypto providers. An additional 1% fee will be placed in the HOKK Finance ETH liquidity pool to maintain the token’s strong growth as the crypto pool expands. We aim to develop this decentralized product to its full extent by introducing a commemorative NFT mint. This mint will serve as a kickstart in liquidity, locking in ETH and providing each individual NFT with utility through HOKK ecosystem interactions.