Hokk Finance


$TREATS is HOKK Finance’s latest initiative that is catapulting meme-utility to the market. $TREATS is a yield farming platform that enables $HOKK token holders to stake their $HOKK and generate $TREATS. $HOKK holders can earn a passive yield with the generous APY on offer, further enhancing HOKK’s ecosystem by incentivizing users to hold the token. So what’s the difference between $TREATS and $HOKK? In essence, $HOKK is a store of value that unlocks access to HOKKFi, the portal for the entire HOKK Finance ecosystem. $TREATS, on the other hand, will form the backbone of HOKK Finance’s ecosystem, governance, and overall utility. $TREATS will enable frictionless and affordable transfers of tokens between users on HOKKFi, without any tax. While $TREATS will initially go through an inflationary phase as users begin to stake their tokens, $TREATS will eventually have a fixed maximum supply in circulation, boosting its long-term price.

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