Hokk Finance



Our very own, multi-chain, swap on ETH, BSC, and HECO.

Unique NFTs embracing industry utility.

Group 8666

$TREATS is HOKK Finance’s latest initiative that is catapulting meme-utility to the market. $TREATS is a yield farming platform that enables $HOKK token holders to stake their $HOKK and generate passive income in the form of $TREATS.

HOKK Treats
HOKK Premium

A DeFi aggregator enabling you spread your ETH, earn yield, and convert to stable tokens for long term value.

The ultimate, universal crypto wallet empowering you to send and receive crypto to loved ones, pay for anything online or in store, accept crypto for your business, and track and manage your portfolio.

A community driven launch pad focused on helping early-stage, DeFi projects, where holders can use their $HOKK towards the most promising blockchain companies of the decade.

Online financial management and wealth creation courses for parents to help their children transition into the future of crypto.