Hokk Finance

Jonathan Hofeling - Lead Community Moderator

Jonathan Hofeling is the Lead Community Moderator at HOKK Finance and brings a wide variety of skills to the HOKK Family. For the past decade, he has established himself in the state of Florida as a savvy Medical Economics Analyst, Population Healthcare Analyst, and a frequently sought-after CIO for Value-Based Care Organizations and Accountable Care Organizations which focus on risk-based healthcare management. His insights and analytics have generated over $50M in revenue sharing for partnered physicians. 

Jonathan also brings his distinct skills as a public speaker and voice actor to HOKK as the resident voice of the community. He has partnered with small indie game producers, indie movie productions companies, and several Triple-A game companies over the past 15 years as an independent voice actor and content creation consultant.

With such a broad spectrum of skills and talents, it is only natural that Jonathan operates across multiple layers of the HOKK business landscape providing input, guidance, strategy, and education where needed as a team leader and community voice.