Hokk Finance



Bandito has a passion for travel, learning about new cultures and languages, after spending 5 years in the military as a Combat Medic he worked in a number of positions from a Bartender to a Production Supervisor in a major logistic company, while also completing an MBA program studying Finance and International Business. Upon graduation Bandito has been working for a multi-national industrial technology company, where his focus has been on building a complete B2B (Business to business) customer intelligence platform, building the ability to easily solve customer problems, ultimately driving an effortless customer experience.

His first interaction with HOKK was in October 2021, he joined the Core Shilling team in December 2021 and through his passion for the project and the community, by the end of the month had become a MOD and has progressed to being a key member of the team and a trusted voice in the community. As with his day-to-day role, Bandito is focused on solving community problems and helping to make both new and old community members experiences as effortless and enjoyable as possible.