Hokk Finance

Bazinga Josh


Bazinga Josh spent 13 years in the US military, 14 years in law enforcement in the United States and also has a B.S. in Public Affairs.

He has been interested in crypto for the last five years and has spend the last 12 months immersing himself in all things crypto after realizing that crypto is going to play a big part in the future of everyday life. The fact that crypto is often decentralized and community driven is a big part of the appeal of crypto for Bazinga Josh. 

Bazinga Josh first got involved with HOKK as an investor back in July 2021  because he liked where it was headed and as he spent more time in the community and learning more about the project and crypto in general, he knew he had stumbled upon something special and wanted the help others in the community to be just as successful as he knew he would be.  In order to help the community, he became a MOD in September 2021 and to help do what he could to promote HOKK, he joined the core shilling team in October 2021. He believes HOKK will not only provide wealth for many in the short term but indeed, it will lead to generational wealth.