Hokk Finance



Tony graduated from Accounting & Finance in 2004, and moved to the USA 17 years ago, he performed managerial positions for 10 years before deciding that he wanted to have more control over his own future, he is currently building his own agency in the Financial Services holding several licenses or certifications in 17 states.

His journey in HOKK, like many of the team, started as an investor in May 2021, as he looked for an alternative to traditional investing and a way to expand his personal goals and in doing so he feel in love with the community and the vision of HOKK to allow people to send and spend In September 2021 Tony was one of the founding members of the core Shilling team, before becoming a MOD in October 2021 due to his passion for the project and helping the community. Helping our community and keep it safe is Tony’s key priority.