Hokk Finance

Aigbe Idahosa

Lead Developer

Aigbe Idahosa is a solidity developer with extensive product experience in media, finance, and industrial design. He is the founder of Nyan Finance, a decentralized ecosystem for creating managed pools and passive index funds, and has advised and implemented numerous cutting-edge updates for many projects’ smart contracts.

His recent projects include Fiyah.tv (an animation streaming platform), Telegraph ( an open-source cross-chain bridge), and Versus, a cross-chain card battle NFT game crossed with a price prediction platform.

By implementing cross-chain technology within HOKK’s bridge, Versus’ NFTs will be afforded inherent utility and value that is transferable across supported ecosystems. Augmented reality will be used to create applications that grant NFTs and games real-world visibility and interaction, including features that are built directly into the NFTs like location-based rewards. With his expertise in Augmented Reality and smart contracts, Aigbe will support HOKK Finance in creating products that deliver great value to its ecosystem and holders