Hokk Finance

Andrew Fuertes

Andrew Fuertes is the Lead Engineer at HOKK Finance bringing over 15-years in IT. Andrew’s experience includes Tier 1,2,3 Helpdesk Engineer, Optical Field Engineer, Field Systems Engineer, Systems Admin and Network Engineer, and over a decade in blockchain. In his later tenure he transitioned to a Solutions Architect role where he is responsible for leading and advising the engineering requirements for large enterprises and government agencies on how specific technologies integrate, replace, and improve existing infrastructure and applications. 

His customers include Fortune 500 enterprises that rely on Andrew to integrate the architecture they require to operate global businesses and provide a service to hundreds of millions of people every day. Andrew’s involvement in blockchain technology focused on DevOps as well as overall development in areas that help the crypto community grow and adopt new and exciting technologies. 

At HOKK Finance, he works closely with the technical team to direct product development, product delivery, and overall DevOps administration.