Mark Basa

Global Brand & Business Manager

Mark is the Global Brand and Business Manager at HOKK Finance. Mark joined the team as CMO in September 2021, and two months later, was appointed to lead the brand in its global expansion. Mark is an early crypto-evangelist, having being involved in Bitcoin since 2011, where he co-founded and designed an omni-currency payment gateway, enabling consumers to pay with fiat, loyalty points, and Bitcoin.

The company soon after partnered with Microsoft and the Australian government through their joint-venture innovation programs for promising technologies. Mark brings over 10 years’ experience in brands and marketing to HOKK Finance, specializing in strategic development and brand conceptualization for early-stage companies. In early 2021, he designed the brand for a decentralized, clinical trial marketplace that empowers medical and pharma companies to conduct remote studies, and rewards participants in a token. The start-up partnered with one of the largest biotech companies in the world ($10B per year revenue, as well as partnered with the fastest growing chain of medical clinics in the US, giving the project access to 200K investors on launch.

Mark will focus on building the infrastructure behind HOKK Finance, in order to scale the company in several new markets, appoint executive leadership and management to operate and oversee the brand’s daily activities, and provide product concepts and marketing campaigns for the entire brand. With his experience and knowledge in crypto, Mark is dedicated to bringing HOKK Finance into DeFi 2.0 as a leader for the next generation.